About Us

Company Overview: Trek Real Estate and Development (Trek) and TDI Holdings, LLC (TDI) are owned by Elisabeth R. Hustad (Beth). Since 1984, Beth has been in the business of Real Estate brokerage, land acquisitions, sales and development. TDI Holdings, LLC is a real estate investment holding company managed and operated by Trek.  Trek is a fee based real estate brokerage, land development, and asset management firm. Trek’s team currently consists of Beth Hustad and Kris Kuelbs. Trek’s team brings expertise and extensive experience in land acquisition, sales, and development of residential and neighborhood commercial real estate. Trek has the skills necessary to successfully execute and coordinate all aspects of the process (including acquisition, design, engineering, entitlements, finance, construction management and sale), creating enhanced value in the community. 

Mission Statement:  Trek’s team is dedicated and committed to working with communities and their staff to mutually and cooperatively develop projects that provide benefits to the community, the neighborhood, the tenants, the builders and the development team. Our goal is to increase the economic wellbeing and quality of life of all stakeholders; and to invest in the vitality of the neighborhood.  To achieve this, Trek designs and completes projects that function pleasantly and purposefully, serve the needs of the community, and are an aesthetically pleasing place to live, worship, play, work, shop, and gather. 


Elisabeth (Beth) R. Hustad: President/Owner

Beth Hustad has over 30 years of combined experience as a real estate broker, land developer and business owner, seasoned in residential, commercial and mixed-use development.  The industry is in her blood, as the third of four generations of land developers.  She has an innate sense for land use and a vision to go outside the box and create win-win outcomes.  Her mission involves trust and cooperation to benefit the well-being of all stakeholders.

Beth has worked closely with industry professionals to plan, finance, acquire, entitle, develop, market and sell several hundred acres of real estate.  Beth has cultivated quality, genuine, lasting professional relationships with community leaders, property owners, neighbors, City staff, government agents, industry professionals, accountants, attorneys, bankers and investors.  She has fostered these relationships, her career and personal life built on a foundation of trust, reverence, integrity, fortitude, a robust work ethic and passion. 

Beth began her real estate career in 1984 as an agent at Hustad Real Estate, where she became a broker specializing in sales and marketing of residential lots and the acquisition of raw land for development.  As Vice President of Hustad Real Estate, Beth managed the brokerage and business operations.  In 1992, while continuing to manage Hustad Real Estate, she became President of Hustad Development Corporation.  Here she led the development of numerous projects including a significant number of developments along the creek and river bluff in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

In 1997, Beth established Trek Real Estate and Development, a real estate brokerage and land development company through which Beth brokers, consults and develops for clients and investors.  Her business foundation was built on her land experience and sense, strong professional relationships, due diligence, financial analysis, land acquisition, entitlements, development and sales.
Beth develops projects she believes will enhance the well-being of the community and neighborhood.  Her ability to take on challenges, her integrity and her strong sense of ethics are at the heart of her work.  For Beth, a mixed-use development involves planning a project for the community that provides services, housing, business, opportunities to gather and a sense of place, while providing efficient and effective traffic and pedestrian flow and function.  Beth believes working with the municipality and understanding the needs of the community ultimately brings about a positive solution and project for the developer and community.

All of Beth's experience and background have cultivated a unique wisdom and knowledge, along with a realistic understanding of real estate that she believes is critical to providing clients with excellent real estate and development services.